Чит Avalon для игры Escape from Tarkov

Информация о чите

Совместимость Windows: 10 | 1909-21H2
1 День - 400р
7 Дней - 1700р
14 Дней - 2500р
30 Дней - 4000р

В чите есть встроенный HWID Spoofer

Функции чита

Aimbot (Bind/Select bone) - Aiming to the target(Button selection/Bone selection)
Aimbot prediction - Perfect aiming at the target the probability of a bullet hitting is more than 98%

Player Esp(Box/Name/Health/Weapon/Ammo/Distance) - Vx(Square/Name/Weapon/Enemy Ammo/Distance)
Extract esp(distance/only opened) - Exits from locations (only available exits)
Loot esp(Distance/Price) - Lying loot on the ground(Distance\Price)
Cont Esp(Distance/Price) - VX per box(Distance\Price)
Fov circle - Drawing the aiming radius
Camerafov(0-50) - The distance of your camera in the game
Aspect Ratio Changer - Stretching the screen
Hitmarker - Information about hitting a player and drawing lines before hitting
Indicator - Output of your ammo and firing mode
CameraFX(No Visor/Thermal Visor/Night Vision) - Camera Effects(No visor\Thermal view\Night vision)

NoRecoil - No return
No Spread - No spread of bullets
No Sway - No sight swing
Instant ADS - Instant targeting

Loot thr - Loot through walls (Walls don't fit)