Приватный чит Collapse для BattleBit

Информация о чите

Совместимость Windows: 10\11
1 День - 3.50$
7 Дней - 15$
30 Дней - 30$

Функции чита

[ Visuals ]
Box - Highlight players with squares (color selection)
Skeleton - Display player skeleton (color selection)
State - The state of the player
Health - Highlighting and choosing the location of the strip of armor and health
Weapon - Illumination of weapons in the hands of Players
Distance - Illumination of the distance to the players and selection of the distance of the illumination of the players

Active - Enable aim
Bone - Select the button to trigger the aimbot
Bone - Selection of the body part of the pickup
Fov - Aimbot aiming radius
Distance - The distance of the aimbot
Smooth - Smoothness of the aimbot

NoClip - Fly, move through walls
FlyCar - Fly on vehicles, including through walls

NoRecoil - No recoil
Instant ADS - Quick aiming
Instant Hit - Instant Hit
Rapid Fire - Increased rate of fire for weapons

Draw Aim Target - Display the current target of the aimbot
Draw FOV - Show FOV radius (color selection)
Draw Crosshair - Crosshair in the center of the screen (color selection)