Приватный чит Unnamed Для игры Apex Legends

Информация о чите

Совместимость Windows: 11/10 | 2004-22H2
3 Дня - 150р
7 Дней - 250р
30 Дней - 550р

Функции чита

Glow - highlighting silhouettes of opponents behind walls and other obstacles.
Health / Armor Based - the outline color will change depending on the amount of health of the target and armor.
Vector AIM:
Bone: Nearest
Visibility check
Smoothness of
RCS (recoil control in conjunction with aim);
Selecting the AIM operation button;
Glow on Loot \ Grenades \ Drones and much more;
Visual Flight (safe, no one but you can see it) ;
Third Party;
Safe Mode *if someone is watching you in the spectrum, aim automatically changes the settings to more lightweight and the ability to switch to a Third Party is disabled/Flight. (can be turned on/off);